Tips to help you study

Do you have difficulty concentrating when you need to study? Here are some pointers to help you focus.

As a first step there are some very practical things you can do to make your study environment more conducive to learning.

Pick a quiet spot
Turn off the radio, television or any other digital device that could be a distraction. If you prefer having sound in the background instrumental or classic music is proven to increase brain activity.

Get comfortable
Research shows that poor posture and a lack of oxygen will negatively affect energy levels. Make sure that you are seated in a comfortable position.

Be equipped
Before you hit the books check that you have all your supplies at hand. Things like a writing pad, pen, calculator and any other stationary that you might need.

Once the scene has been set you can begin the actual study process. There are some tried and tested study methods that you can use to improve your understanding and recall ability.

Make notes
Studying begins with reading. Take the time to read through the information slowly in order to absorb the material and note down important points.

Use repetition
This is one of the most common study tools. Repeating words, concepts or formula's can help to ingrain the information in your mind. Repetition can be done verbally or in writing.

Test yourself
Go through previous exam papers or old homework questions. This will help you to determine whether there are gaps in your understanding and memory.

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