Toolmaker Artisan Training Programme


Do you fancy an exciting training programme in the manufacturing industry that will future-proof your career? Apply for the Production Technologies Association of SA’s (PtSA) Toolmaker Artisan Training Programme.



The Production Technologies Association of South Africa (PtSA) offers several programmes with the aim of providing training in various artisanal fields. They offers skills development and enterprise development programmes with the purpose of expanding the manufacturing sector in South Africa.

Who is PtSA?

PtSA was established in 2006 and is a membership based organisation with the mission of promoting, protecting and supporting the collective interests of the Tool, Die, Mould and Special Machining industries (TDM Industry) of South Africa, in order to support the growth and development of all manufacturing sectors in the country. The Association offers various programmes and benefits to its members through its own project management and implementation agency.

These include improvements in efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of the member companies, as well as ensuring that the required skills are available to the members.

Who is NTIP?

The National Technologies Implementation Platform (Pty) Ltd. (NTIP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Production Technologies Association of South Africa (PtSA) and is also responsible for the application of project management resources. The NTIP is the implementing agency responsible for the facilitation and management of all INTSIMBI FPTI programmes and the operational capacity of PtSA.

What does a toolmaker do?

Toolmakers use advanced machines and equipment to produce precision tools such as jigs, moulds and dies which are then used in the manufacturing process of products ranging from aircraft and cell phone components to plastic bottles. Toolmakers are employed in almost all manufacturing sectors from aerospace, automotive, chemical and electronics to the packaging, marine and medical industries.

Toolmaker Apprenticeship Programme

PtSA's Toolmaker Apprenticeship Programme focuses on toolmaking and special machining qualifications that reflect occupational competency. The programme curricula has been developed by industry experts and closely links trade theory, simulated practical training and work experience.

Apprentices are carefully selected for this programme to ensure that positive results are achieved. PtSA has close relationships with employers in the industry.

This apprenticeship qualification includes CAD (computer aided design), CNC and EDM (engineering development models).

If necessary, remedial classes are also available for members in maths, science and english.

Course duration: 4 years

Qualification: Tooling Machinist NQF Level 5 (SAQA registered and QCTO and merSETA accredited)

This programme is offered in the following accredited PtSA Centres of Excellence:

  • Parow, Western Cape
  • Gqeberha, Eastern Cape
  • Hermanstad, Gauteng
  • Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

The Toolmaking Apprenticeship programme is a partnership between PtSA and industry with the support of the Department of Trade Industry and Competition (DTIC). 

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