Top 4 emerging marketing jobs

Do you have a passion for online interactions? The scope of job opportunities in the marketing sector, particularly in the digital arena, has sky rocketed. Find out if there is a place for you in this growing field.

Marketing strategies and campaigns have become an integral function of successful businesses, and organisations need people that can implement these tasks effectively.

The demand for online engagement from both business and consumers has created a space for new marketing jobs to develop. The more common marketing occupations such as brand managers or market researchers are being overshadowed by these exciting new job titles.

Here are some options to pursue in the digital marketing field:

Social Media Specialist

These kind of marketers concentrate on the social media aspect of communication. They implement campaigns that appeal to consumers through online networking platforms. Some of their key responsibilities include engaging with customers, improving traffic to the company website and ultimately increasing profits.


Also known as a corporate blogger, these professionals are expected to produce content that is engaging and relevant to consumers. Blogging can be a powerful communication tool and online writers know how to present information that attracts the right target market. Bloggers will use their creativity to share company news, promote products or offer tips and advice to prospective and existing clients, all with the aim of growing their customer base.

Community Manager

Community managers primarily act as facilitators within their digital communities. They are responsible for monitoring and contributing to discussions amongst business stakeholders. Consumer conversations can easily lead to a negative company image and community managers need to oversee, guide and manage these social interactions.

Mobile Marketer

As more consumers use mobile devices as their primary source of connecting with the world, the platform for mobile marketing grows. According to recent reports 40% of a user's internet time is spent on mobile devices – Mobile Marketers have the technological and business mind frame to develop marketing strategies specifically for mobile devices.

Due to its close links to the IT sector the marketing landscape is constantly evolving in order to accommodate and benefit from technological advances. As a result marketing professionals need to be able to adapt to changes and adopt new approaches quickly and effectively.

This requires flexibility, innovation and creativity on the part of the marketer. These jobs also require a marketing, communications, or business qualification.
Are you looking for possible training options? Here are some courses to consider:

Marketing through Social Media

Direct & Digital Marketing

Develop, Execute & Measure a Highly Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

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