Top five apps for the office


As technology becomes smarter and faster, it has begun to infiltrate every
aspect of our lives - from socialising, to fitness and now even the workplace.

With new applications being developed each day, it is no wonder that
organisations are beginning to see the advantage of incorporating apps in the
workplace. Human capital solutions provider Manpower South Africa has put
together a list of the top 5 apps for the Office.

"Anyone who owns a smartphone will know how useful apps can be. There
are thousands available, ranging from games, news, fitness, tools and more.
While applications were mainly focused on games and personal tools in the past,
that could distract employees from work, applications made for the workplace
are aimed at improving organisation and productivity,' explains Lyndy van den
Barselaar, Managing Director of Manpower South Africa.

Today?s workforce is quickly being taken over Millennials - those born between
the mid-1980s and early 2000. As the number of Millennials in the workforce
grows, the workplace will change as well, including more adoption of technology
such as applications.

According to global advertising agency Havas World wide?s Prosumer Report
Millennials: The Challenger Generation, millennials are multitaskers, switching
between technologies and topics easily, and are easily bored. The report notes
that their work style relies heavily on the four C?s of customisation,
communication, collaboration and creativity.

Smart employers are making changes in their processes to make the most
out of these young workers, the report notes, adding that they also require
more feedback than older generations.

"Millennials are adapt to using technology in their every day lives. They feel
comfortable and confident in their use of technological devices and programmes,
such as applications. Integrating these into the workplace will not only drive
more efficiency, but will also motivate millennials, make them feel comfortable
and provide the constant feedback that they require,' says van den Barselaar.

1. ScanBizCards

Anyone who networks will know that it can become difficult to keep all your
business cards in one place, and even harder - and more time consuming - to
find a specific card when you really need it.

ScanBizCards is a useful app, which allows you to quickly store information
about a new contact, directly from their business card. Using your devices
camera, the application stores the contact details directly to your phone, and is
compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The app is even able to connect with other applications such as LinkedIn,
Calendar, Salesforce and SugarCRM, for easy integration. It supports double-
sided cards and displays all your cards on a digital Rolodex for easy reference, if

"This is a smart app that will undoubtedly save you time and frustration, and
easily connect you across social networks with important business contacts,'
says van den Barselaar.

2. Skype

Not only useful for conference calling when away from the office, Skype is
also useful as an intra-messaging service between employees, delivering
messages instantly.

The app allows international calling and messaging as well, and can be used
not only on computers and laptops, but also on smartphones. Providing both
video calling and voice calling, the application allows you to save contacts and
phone numbers, as well as to block users where need be.

"Skype is a useful application for companies with employees on the go, who
still need to stay connected to the team at all times. It is also quicker than email,
as the messages are delivered instantly - perfect for quick messaging between
the team,' explains van den Barselaar.

3. Caato Time Tracker

For companies needing to track time spent on each task, Caato Time Tracker
for Mac is an easy-to-use time tracking app that allows tracking in real-time as
well as tracking of past events.

The application makes it easy for one to export these time sheets, and to
edit time sheets at any time.

"Especially for companies who require time sheets for client purposes, time
tracking is very important. This application makes this easy to do, allowing you
to spend less time tracking your time,' says van den Barselaar.

4. Work+

Work+ is the perfect app for employees working remotely or freelancing,
who need to find places to sit and work. The app assists you in finding a place to
work other than your home or office, allowing you to search places based on
needs such as Wi-Fi, a table and food. It also tracks elements like noise levels,
transportation options and pet-friendly places.

"In the evolving business landscape, more and more people are working
remotely and this app is making this easier,' notes van den Barselaar.

5. iDoneThis

Also useful for teams employing remote workers, iDoneThis assists teams on
staying up-to-date on what has been done each day, without the hassle of
employees having to put lists together or employers having to ask each team

The app asks you what you have done for the day, via email, and
automatically assembles each team member?s response into a daily digest.

"This application allows each member to be aware of what has been done,
what is being worked on and what is still to do. This prevents team members
doubling up on tasks, and ensures that the list of things to do gets done and no
tasks are forgotten,' notes van den Barselaar.

"The HavasProsumer report states that the millennial generation is going to
change the world, including how we work; every industry would do well to learn
from them and adapt to them. The integration of applications in the workplace is
one way to do this,' concludes van den Barselaar.