Towards a customer-centric service


Integr8 has formulated and implemented a new method of guiding
customers through the technology acquisition process and ensuring benefit
along the value-chain.

The company has devised a customer-centric technology road map or "flight
plan? that encapsulates all dynamics of customer-relationship management,
service delivery and why its unique methodology makes a difference.

Experts in managed ICT service delivery say that while companies continue to
seek out solutions to help them better manage their operations, there is a clear
shift towards a more customer-and people centric approach. Service delivery
trumps most other considerations in terms of differentiation across many
industries - and this is where approach counts.

Executive leadership at Integr8 refer to statements by many internationally
renowned business personalities that highlight the importance of people in
business and in service delivery.

Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO at Integr8, says, "Stephen Covey, who penned
the best-seller "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?, said, "Employers
and business leaders need people who can think for themselves - who can take
initiative and be the solution to problems?. That is precisely the mindset that
service providers in the technology space have to have and it is one that we
have instilled since inception. It is really the only way to operate to be

"It has also been said that too often a successful business model becomes
the model for companies not creative enough to invent their own. This is where
those at the top end of the service delivery scale are able to separate
themselves from the competition - it is not a "nice-to-have?, it is an absolute
must,' claims Fanaroff.

He outlines the company?s strategy and the significance of strategic
roadmaps and flight plans.

"We have put together a schedule for engaging our current customer base
that will allow us to share strategic roadmaps on new technology. This will allow
us to develop and document a well set out model to mine our existing customers
and up-sell where it makes sense to both the customer and ourselves. We have
also kicked off the process of creating flight plans for all our customers,' says

Integr8 has taken a bold step in engaging its customer base through these
customer-centric sessions. The company believes the value of this mindset can
be transferred to the client by sharing strategic roadmaps on new technology
and impact on existing environments.

This approach will entrench Integr8?s reputation as a progressive thinking,
innovative and aggressive service provider.