Train employees in real-time in real-life situations


Benjamin Franklin could not be more right when he said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” The best training often happens when you learn while you work.

A hands-on approach to teaching various skills, knowledge, and competencies as well as transferring expertise that employees require to optimally perform their job duties in a workplace is called on-the-job-training or in-service-training. By following this method, employees learn in their work environment while they do their work with minimal influence in their productivity.

The Mindspa Institute is excited to announce a new programme designed to help clients who cannot afford to have their teams or an individual off-site for a period of time, yet still wants to have all the benefits associated with training or business coaching.

This “On the Job Training and Coaching” programme allows for teams or individuals to be trained or coached at their place of work, causing minimal disruption and allowing learning to happen in real-time, real-life situations. The employees appreciate this type of training.

Consider the following benefits:

1. We found that employees who are given on-the-job training become more excited and curious about how they can improve themselves and their work.

2. Employees continue to work while being observed and guided by an expert facilitator or coach providing the trainees with immediate feedback on how to improve performance.

3. This customised on the job workplace training can enable your employees to acquire new and specific skills for a certain role, increasing their contribution to the business and growing their productivity.

4. Employees see this as an effort from their employer to retain their talent because they are investing in their skills development.

5. Problem-solving skills and decision-making skills can increase a lot, because employees are taught there and then in the real-life situation or conflict scenario and how to deal with it.

This approach can be offered to our clients across our wide platform of soft-skills training programmes as well as one-on-one business coaching. This approach enables complete flexibility in terms of time and programme construction, while your employees remain on-site and productive.

Please contact us today on 010 110 0226/7 so that we can pop-in to discuss your specific requirements and design a unique programme that meets all your needs. You are most welcome to send us an email as well to [email protected]