Training for aspiring ETD practitioners

As government continues to make skills development a national priority more professionals are entering the ETD sector in order to contribute to the upskilling of South African citizens.

The Education, Training and Development (ETD) sector plays a pivotal role in eradicating poverty and inequality through its focus on developing a skilled and capable workforce.

Overcoming these social ills is central to the purposes of this sector and the professionals who function in it. Individuals do this by becoming skills development facilitators, assessors, moderators, content developers or training managers.

Qualifying as an Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development ODETD practitioner is another common career choice amongst professionals in the sector.

This qualification allows subject matter experts or qualified professionals to train learners in their field of expertise.

ODETD practitioners are trained to perform a variety of duties such as; design and develop learning programmes and processes, facilitate and evaluate learning, engage in and promote assessment practices, provide learning support to learners and organisations, conduct skills development facilitation.

The Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices (ODETDP) course presented by Primeserv HR Solutions aims to prepare practitioners to perform these functions.

The programme is targeted at course assessors, facilitators of learning programmes and skills development facilitators who want to expand their scope of educational practice.

This qualification is ideal for those who want to build on a Further Education and Training Certificate from another field and have little or no previous exposure to ETD.

The training is also valuable to those who may have been practising within the field, but without formal recognition.

The certificate will help to increase the employment prospects of ETD practitioners, while helping to ensure quality and competence within the ETD field. 

The course presented by Primeserv is unique because it allows learners to retain the credits for Unit Standards successfully completed. This means that learners do not have to complete the course to earn credits.

Learners can build their credits by attending skills programmes aligned to the qualification.

To join the ODETDP course or for more information contact Primeserv