Training your staff is essential in an economic recession


Survival is almost synonymous with Recession. For this reason, most companies are under a great deal of strain to stretch out their resources. However, are belts being tightened in the right places? To panic is not the solution. Recession is like any other battle. It is time to get your soldiers aka employees ready to fight the war of economic recession alongside you. Research shows that skills’ training is a valuable tool for reinforcing any organisation’s culture, and preparing for and combatting the economic turmoil.

In an article issued by UCT Graduate School of Business, and published on, Human Resources writer Darshanie Mahadeo believes that for long-term resilience companies should look beyond immediate survival and try to keep staff morale and engagement high, especially during phases when resources like time, money or people may be reduced.

When we look back at the global recession during 2008/9, a number of sturdy businesses, determined to survive, decided to invest in staff training. They also particularly devoted training budgets to develop the strategic capabilities and skills of their senior executives. Through doing this, they have managed to successfully conquer the global recession and are standing even stronger today.

Most companies will agree that productivity is of the essence during these times. The Mindspa Institute “On the Job Training and Coaching” programme allows for teams or individuals to be trained or coached at their place of work, causing minimal disruption and allowing learning to happen in real-time with real-life situations.

Employees continue to work while being observed and guided by an expert facilitator or coach providing the trainees with immediate feedback on how to improve performance. This customised on the job workplace training can enable your employees to acquire new and specific skills for a certain role, increasing their contribution to the business and growing their productivity.

This approach enables complete flexibility in terms of time and programme construction, while your employees remain on-site and productive.

Employees are any organisation’s most valuable asset and during these times, staff will feel uneasy, unsure and vulnerable. Informing staff on the current company status will provide a sense of calmness and trust during an otherwise stressful period. Uninformed staff may become more unproductive, troublesome or may even cause unnecessary staff turnover. All companies are not seen as ‘recession-proof’ and therefore effective communication about the company’s direction should be frequent and honest.

The Mindspa Institute Training Company specialises in skills development through Management Training, Leadership Development, Office Professional and Secretary Training. We are here to help you get through this recession. Visit our website for a list of skills courses or contact us on 010 110 0226/7 for fully customisable courses.