Transformative writing can shape your career

We have never written more, nor written more badly. Every day we?re busy at
our computers or mobiles sending emails, text messages, posting on social media.
There is a lot of blabber, too little thought.

Writing well transforms your message from dry prose, propaganda or talking at
people into conversation and a sense of shared experience. History records the
greatest orators and the most thoughtful writers. It can move us to tears or provoke
laughter. It can transform companies or brands from little known products into
powerhouses. It is writing that sells - whether journalism, press releases, or

There are definite techniques common across all forms of writing whether journalism,
poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or screenwriting that help us elevate our writing and
communicate more effectively.

Charlene Smith, a multi-award winning writer, editor, writing coach, and
communications and marketing consultant living in Boston, USA will present a one-
day high-energy super-intensive course that will help transform your writing, and

The course has a limited number of participants - 18- to allow for a highly
personal experience. It is hands-on. Expect to be exhausted and motivated by the
end of it.

What you?ll learn:

Good Introductions
Narrative Arc
Point of View
Character Development
Interrogating your writing and that of others
Story Development
Target Audience
Eliminating jargon, cliches and purple prose
Memorable Endings
How smartphone and handheld devices are changing the way we write, market and
Pitching to an international market whether articles, business writing or books

Once you have paid in full - R2,400 - you will receive course preparation notes that
includes recommended books, select one and try to read it before the course.
Payments once made are non-refundable. There is a 5% discount for those who pay
on or before August 20, and a further 5% discount for group bookings.

I need you to send me two or three paragraphs of the challenges you are facing
in writing and/or the project you want help with by no later than August 30 to href="mailto:[email protected]">
[email protected] I tailor courses to ensure individual needs
are met as far as possible. I am happy to have an hour-long Google Hangout or
Skype with you before or after the conference for an additional R500. This often
helps propel writing forward.

Transformative Writing will be held at Altron House, 4 Sherborne road, Parktown.
Johannesburg on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 from 9am to 4pm. Please bring a
packed lunch, we will sit and eat together. During the second half of lunch, we?ll
have a reading from a great piece of literature and analyze it. Bring your laptop if
you have one, a fresh notepad and two pens. Sleep well the night before.