UCT appoints senior lecturer for key health programme


The UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) has appointed Dr Shadrick Mazaza as a Senior Lecturer in Health Management.

Dr Mazaza will play a key role on the Oliver Tambo Fellowship Programme, run as an equal partnership between the UCT School of Public Health and Family Medicine (SPHFM) and the Corporate Learning division at the UCT GSB.

The Programme aims to develop much-needed management skills among senior public health sector officials, and is funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies.

Dr Mazaza, who takes up the demanding new post on 01 August, said that the public health sector faces major challenges such as a lack of funding and resources, and skills shortages, particularly at management level.

"The UCT GSB will be able to develop the capacity for health management in a broad sense by offering a Diploma in Health Management to the senior cadre of public sector managers in collaboration with UCT?s SPHFM department,' said Dr Mazaza.

Dr Mazaza has extensive experience working as a physician in primary care and family medicine. He graduated from the University of Manchester?s Medical School with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 1979. Thereafter he completed his Specialist Physician training at the UCT Department of Medicine and Groote Schuur.

In 1991 he joined the City of Cape Town Health Department and started working in local Community Health Care Clinics. He also worked for the Cape Clothing Industry Sick Fund as a medical officer and was responsible for opening the Athlone Clinic for clothing industry employees and their families.

"These experiences really broadened my horizons as up until that point I had only been involved in "lofty? tertiary institutions. I got to experience first-hand the challenges faced by the public health sector and have since wanted to contribute to its improvement and development,' explained Dr Mazaza.

In 2006 Dr Mazaza obtained a Masters degree in Family Medicine from UCT?s Department of Primary Health Care. He has been working in private family practice for over a decade while simultaneously sitting on several prestigious medical boards. Amongst these he is currently the President and Board Chairman of The South African Academy of Family Practice/Primary Care as well as a member of the Board of Directors of The South African Medical Association (SAMA).

Dr Mazaza does not only have comprehensive medical knowledge and experience- he is also himself a former student of the UCT GSB. He completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Management Practice course in 2006 and opted to carry his credits towards a Masters Degree in Commerce (Management Practice).

"I think I?ve come to realise that what drives me is an inspiration to be involved in personal development and transformation. I know I can do more for an individual by helping them to be the best they can be - more than if I just treat a disease. I believe that organisational change starts within an individual and this belief is emphasised at the GSB,' explained Dr Mazaza of his decision to move away from a purely medical career.

Dr Mazaza sees his new position as a combination of everything he has done throughout his entire career. "I am lucky enough to now be involved with both aspects of my interests. This position is the biggest challenge of my career and it will require an application of all my knowledge,' he said.

The Atlantic Philanthropies, the organisation funding the Oliver Tambo Fellowship Programme, awards grants to carefully selected organisations that serve disadvantaged people to help these organisations increase their reach and impact, and advocate for social change.

It concentrates on grant investments in four fields, namely ageing, disadvantaged children and youth, health of populations in developing countries and reconciliation and human rights


The Corporate Learning division at the UCT GSB focuses on developing and delivering tailored management education solutions for organisations