UIF TERS Will Benefit Employees Affected By Looting

Recent looting incidents have affected about 75 000 employees. This is according to Employment and Labour Minister, Thulas Nxesi. 

The Minister said the unrest over the past few weeks may lead to employees being temporary laid off from their jobs or even retrenched. 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund will be stepping in to find a solution for these employees. 

"The Unemployment Insurance Fund has a basket of benefits that can serve as intervention mechanisms to support the affected workers and companies"

Among these benefits is the recent allocation of more than R5 billion to workers affected by the lockdown restrictions. Nxesi said these funds will now be used to also fund employees affected by the looting incidents. 

According to the Minister, the criteria for this fund will be strict and payments will be made according to the resources available.

"We hope that if we can work together, we would be able to give the relief which is needed by the workers, which is also needed by the businesses, but they need to supply the correct information." he said.

In the previous application cycle for the UIF Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme (TERS), some employers made fraudulent claims. 

These fraudulent claims resulted in the UIF paying out money to employers, while employees were not receiving any funds. 

Now, Nxesi has warned that the UIF will be on the lookout for any irregular and fraudulent claims.

"We've had the experience when we started this TERS process where there was a lot of fraud, there was a lot of inflation of numbers and we are going to be looking for that. Of course we say once bitten, twice shy. We have to be very very careful." said the Minister.



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