UIF Thanks Employers For Rectifying Mistakes That Prevented TERS Payments

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The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has thanked employers for rectifying mistakes made in their application for the Temporary Employer / Employee Relief Scheme (TERS). 

More than R9.6 million worth of claims were distributed to 404 employers who rectified mistakes. This rectification meant that 10181 employees received vital relief. 

Mistakes made in the TERS application process prevents the UIF from processing claims. This would have meant that some staff, whose income was impacted by the pandemic, would not have received vital relief from the UIF. 

The UIF has distributed R63 billion since the inception of the TERS relief scheme. This money has been distributed to more than 5.4 million workers. 

The UIF has said that the TERS scheme was an impressive feat by the government, but it did however go over budget. The original budget for the scheme was capped at R40 billion. This was eclipsed by 26 Billion which demonstrated the impact the pandemic had on the country's workforce. 

The fund noted that the most common areas where mistakes occur in the application process are in the following areas:

  • Declarations
  • Incorrect banking details
  • Incorrect income
  • Invalid IdentityNumbers and Passport numbers

The fund also received applications for deceased, underage, incarcerated, and government employees, which were rejected.  Declaration of incorrect salaries received during the lockdown would have also seen the UIF rejecting TERS applications. 



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