Umalusi Wants Justice For Leaked Matric Exam Paper


The recent leak of yet another matric exam has caused some panic and uncertainty. Umalusi, the quality assurance council for the matric exams has spoken out about the incident.  

Umalusi CEO, Dr Mafu Rakometsi said Umalusi is disappointed by the leaking of the Physical Sciences paper. This is the second exam paper that has been leaked since the start of the final matric exams this year. 

The Hawks have been investigating and the Department of Basic Education said it has been advised to not speak about new developments in the investigation. 

"We hope that the investigating task team will soon get to the bottom of these paper leaks. Heads of all those involved must roll and justice must take its course," said Rakometsi. 

Umalusi is still waiting for the department to submit a report giving more details about the leak of the Physical Sciences paper. 

Rakometsi said Umalusi, as a quality assurance council, remains committed to making sure all exams are credible.

"We strongly condemn all forms of cheating in the writing of national examinations, including the leaking of question papers. Such fraudulent activities have the potential to compromise the integrity of national examinations"

Spokesperson of the Basic Education Department, Elijah Mhlanga said the people responsible for leaking the papers are most likely high up in the exams process. 

"Someone who is involved in the system, perhaps someone close to the distribution, someone very close to the movement of the papers. That's why one of the things that we are looking at now is when did the paper become available?" said Mhlanga.

Rakometsi said although the department has systems in place to protect the integrity of the final exams, one thing that the department can't control is the human element.

"What remains a factor that is worrysome is the human element...A person could be committed to a cause at one point and be tempted to undermine the very same cause in the next moment,"

Mhlanga said an exam rewrite would be the last option, the department has backup papers available if the exams must be rewritten. 

"Right now with the exam schedule having been revised because of Covid-19, it means that we don't have a date and we will have to go back to the calendar to see when the rewrite will take place," 

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