Unisa Extends Registration Deadline

Unisa registration

Unisa has announced that the registration deadline for 2021 has been extended. This is following a court ruling which called for the deadline to be extended. 

Students will now have until Wednesday, 31 March 2021 to register. 

"In line with a recent court ruling, the university has extended the registration deadline for undergraduate, honours and postgraduate diploma students to Wednesday 31 March 2021. This extension will accommodate those students who only recently received their offers for the 2021 academic year."

Students have been advised to accept their offers no later than 29 March 2021. Online registrations have to be done by the closing date of 31 March 2021. 

"All registrations and additions, which are received by the closing date of 31 March 2021, will be processed and finalised, provided that the initial minimum amount is also received by the university by 31 March 2021.  

Students who received and accepted an offer for the 2021 academic year, but do not register for 2021, will need to re-apply for admission from September 2021 for the 2022 academic year."

In a previous statement, Unisa reassured students that it would use the extended deadline to address the registration backlog and to address issues of financial exclusion. 

The Department of Higher Education said it is aware of student concerns, as many students have been facing funding issues.

“Some of the demands that are being received by government and universities relate to the debt of students who may not be funded by nsfas but who are struggling to register because they have not been able to pay debt but are doing well academically” said Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande. 

The Minister has encouraged students to approach university management. 

"I urge student structures to continue engaging with the management teams of all our public universities, utilising the communication structures that are already in place for this engagement. Many of the matters that you have raised with me require that students and university management work together at institutional level."



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