Unisa Helping Students Raise Money For Fees



The cost of studying at a university is expensive and requires a sizable financial commitment from students. Unisa recognised this and stepped up with crowdfunding for student fees.




The University Of South Africa (Unisa) has announced they will be undertaking a campaign in collaboration with crowdfunding platform, Feenix to raise money for students fees.  

The campaign will take place throughout 2022 and will be available in the various Unisa and Feenix media platforms.

Unisa said, “Students are invited to register on the Feenix platform. There are already Unisa students who are registered on the Feenix platform and are in need of student fee support.”

Feenix is an online crowdfunding website with the goal of providing students with a platform to raise money to fund their tertiary education.

If you break down the word Feenix, you will figure out what this nonprofit is trying to achieve.

"Fee" refers to the tuition cost at university while "Nix" is a play on the Afrikaans word "niks" which translates to 'nothing' in English.

More than R500 000 has been disbursed to Unisa through Feenix so far.

To Register On Feenix Platform, Applicants Must

  • Be a South African citizen/permanent resident/refugee or asylum seeker
  • Have a certified copy of their identity document
  • Be registered at a public South African university
  • Have current or historical debt owed to your university
  • Have a combined household income under R600k per year
  • have an official fee statement (no older than 30 days)

Click Here To Register For Feenix




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