Unisa Students Encounter Exam Challenges



Online examinations, while convenient, can present further challenges during an already stressful time for millions of students. Some students from South Africa’s largest distance learning university have faced several challenges related to the completion of their examinations.



The University of South Africa (Unisa) has more than 400 000 students. Many of these students would have participated in the April/May mid-year examinations. However, due to the online nature of the university's examinations, several challenges were encountered by students.

Once Unisa students complete their examination, they are required to submit files to the university to be marked. However, Unisa has noted that some students submitted corrupted files as well as password-protected files.

These students who submitted corrupted scripts will be granted an additional opportunity to write in the October/November 2022 examination period. This only applies to first-time writing students.

No further opportunities are granted to students after their second opportunity. Such students are requested to re-register for the applicable module(s).

Unisa also makes use of proctoring tools to monitor students and ensure they are not cheating. However, some students did not make use of these compulsory proctoring tools.

These students’ marks will be withheld and they will receive an “exam script rejected” outcome as their examination results. Students writing for the first time will receive an additional opportunity to complete their examinations at a later stage. Students writing examinations for the second time who did not use a proctoring tool will be subjected to formal disciplinary proceedings.

A student who feels aggrieved by their outcome after non-use of the proctoring tool may appeal the university’s decision by completing the appeal form at https://forms.office.com/r/MfQ5jB2LUb and will have their marks released should they be successful.

Unisa added that some students submitted their examination scripts via the Invigilator application. The university says they have accommodated these students by processing their marks through an alternative process.

These students may receive an “absent from examination” as a result. Unisa is calling on them to be patient while the university processes the marks.

Unisa said most students will receive their results by 13 July 2022. Students are asked to check their results and register for the second semester timeously.





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