Vaccinations For 18-34 Age Group Now Open

vaccine administration

Government has decided to fast track the vaccine rollout by allowing people in the 18-35 age group to register and be vaccinated. 

Initially, government had set a date of 1 September, but now vaccinations for this age group will start on Friday 20 August. 

"Cabinet welcomed the vaccination roll-out plan to increase the uptake of vaccines, particularly in provinces that had shown a reduction in the uptake of vaccines. As part of increasing the vaccination roll-out programme, Cabinet approved the vaccination of persons aged between 18 years and 35 years from 20 August 2021." 

"Scientific evidence confirms that vaccinated people stand a better chance of surviving from COVID-19 than unvaccinated people. Therefore, we must all dispel the unfounded and misleading conspiracy theories about the vaccines and choose life by vaccinating." Cabinet said in a statement. 

How to receive your vaccine:

  1. Visit your nearest vaccination site with your identity document
  2. Registered for the vaccine and you will be vaccinated

A list of more than 3 000 vaccination sites across the country is available online at

The latest data, released on Wednesday 18 August, shows that 14 728 new cases have been reported. A total of 384 deaths have also been reported in the latest data. 

Despite an increase in the number of cases reported, Cabinet has agreed to keep South Africa on alert level 3. All people who have not yet been vaccinated have been urged to visit a vaccination site in order to protect themselves and others against Covid-19. 



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