Vaccine Portal Launched For Healthcare Workers


Government has encouraged healthcare workers to register to get vaccinated. Registration must be done online through the newly launched Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS).

The EVDS is a portal that will be used to keep a record of the self-registration process for the vaccine. 

Once registered, people will be able to gain access to:

  • Vaccination service points near them
  • Information about the vaccination program

Only healthcare workers can register in the first phase of the vaccine rollout, as the government aims to vaccinate 1.25 million healthcare workers. 

This includes healthcare workers in the private and public health sector, providing clinical as well as clinical and non clinical services.  

More than 34 000 healthcare workers have already registered onto the EVDS system. 

The registration process takes approximately two minutes and uses up less than one megabyte of data. 

Healthcare workers who cannot register can have been advised to seek help from the occupational health and safety representative in their municipality.  

The government will not deny healthcare workers the opportunity to be vaccinated if they have not registered.

Healthcare workers who have health insurance as well as those who don't are expected to register for the vaccine. 

"Regardless of whether someone has health insurance or not, people who would like to get vaccinated must use the EVDS to receive an appointment to be inoculated. Those with medical aids will be able to register via their medical aid website."

If you are a healthcare worker, you can register by clicking this link and following the steps given on the site:

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