Video analysis takes coaching to a powerful new level


There are many inspirational books to read, seminars one can attend and CD's one can listen to, but they rarely lead to a long lasting new level of success.

Marc's discovery unleashes a secret in the field of personal development to reactivate one's full capability of being charismatic.

During the time Marc studied acting at the Stansberg Acting School in New York City, he played with the videos that had been taken in class. In watching what people looked like in slow motion he began to scan the material, picture by picture.

A second of film material includes 25 single frames or pictures. Marc noticed that in every second of film material, one or two frames showed a totally different expression on the face of the person on video.

He became more interested in this phenomenon and began to investigate it more closely. Intuitively he felt that there may be an explanation as to why people have limited success measured against their unlimited potential.

In sales in particular, there is a well known factor called "mixed signals", which subconsciously influences a potential buyer negatively. For example, when you shake your head "no" and speak enthusiastically about your product, you send out mixed signals. Your words send out "yes" but your body language signals "no".

The result is that your client becomes insecure and often requests more time to think his decision over. Sales people know by experience that 80% of the time, the potential client chooses to say "no" the next day.

After investigating, Marc identified 3 types of feeling; rage; sorrow and joy. Our day-to-day living doesn't openly allow us to express negative feelings so we suppress them, wanting to appear happy and together all the time.

Unfortunately we develop these masks very young, so by early twenties they appear "natural" for us. Marc's video analysis proves very differently.

Viewing one's suppressed self, 5 times life size, is extremely powerful and freeing. When confronted with solid undeniable facts, all resistance melts, this speeds up and improves the impact of many methods in the field of personal development.

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