Wellness Is A Self-Project



Life is hard – but it’s also fun and challenging! Overall wellness helps us not only cope with the challenges, but helps us thrive. Boston Media House has a few tips to make every day your wellness day – mental, physical and academic! 

Like with any other project, (wellness is a self-project), steps and tips must be practical, easy, convenient and doable! Don’t take on anything that you know from the outset won’t happen. 

  1. Start your day with a glass of water 

Coffee’s great too, so if you need your morning cuppa, make it your reward for your glass of water. Hydrating first thing in the morning helps to aid digestion, enhance skin health and boost your energy.

  1. Whenever you can, take the stairs. 

What we mean here is increase your steps and your physical activity every chance you get. Steps also strengthen and tone your legs and core while you’re at it!

  1. When you are dishing up, make half your plate veggies

Veggies provide essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients important for health and longevity. And, because they’re rich in fibre, they help to aid digestion and keep you feeling full longer.

  1. Use basic household ingredients for cleaning that are non-toxic – lemon juice, vinegar and bicarb. And sunlight soap! 
  2. If you are eating yoghurt, choose the non-sugared non-flavoured real stuff (ok – I wouldn’t do this one either but I had to try).
  3. Stand up every 30 minutes while working – set a reminder on your phone. Even better, do 20 star jumps. You will be out of breath but this is good for body and mind, concentration included. 
  4. Go out there and get your vitamin D. We find the best way to do this and combine a few tips in one, is walk around the block, with a friend. This way you get to exercise, socialise, take a break and get your Vit D in! 
  5. Get a leafy house pet – we mean a plant -at  your desk, research even shows they improve mood, creativity and problem solving!
  6. work hard, be kind, reach out to your friends.
  7. Switch your mindset to positivity - smile!
  8. Join or create a study group. These give support, assistance and friendships.   13. Get enough sleep.  Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. 
  9. Practice gratitude each day—Get a notebook that will be your gratitude journal and write one thing in it every day as you wake up – before you drink your glass of water.

And remember: 

  • Develop a sense of yourself – set goals
  • Accept yourself fully
  • Give yourself permission to want



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