Western Cape Not Yet In Third Wave

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The Western Cape has been facing an increase in Covid-19 infections, surpassing Gauteng in the latest recorded data. 

Western Cape Head of Health, Keith Cloete said there is sometimes a lag in the data that government releases daily to the public.  

He clarified that while the increase in infections is high, the province has not yet reached its peak. 

"We are seeing a pattern where our cases are still increasing, but the rate of increase is slowing. So we've not hit the peak yet. We are entering the peak.

'We know this from before, it's very similar to what we had at the end of December/beginning of January. We see it in hospitalisations, we see it in deaths." Cloete said. 

He has warned that while the province has not yet reached the third wave peak, it could happen within the next 7 to 10 days.

Officials in the province will be keeping a close eye on hospitals, as numbers are expected to increase. 

At the moment, hospitals in the province are still full, as more than 3 400 Covid-19 patients have been hospitalised. Of these hospital admissions, around 1 800 admissions are in public sector hospitals while 1600 admissions hospitals are in the private sector hospitals. 

"In our public sector hospitals our capacity in critical care, which is ICU, high care and also high flow nasal oxygen, is at about 110% in the public sector. We are fully occupied from a critical care perspective from Covid. Our big concern is that the restrictions have been lifted for alcohol and we are going into an end of month weekend."

"We're concerned about trauma and the impact that will have on our hospitals because our public sector hospitals will be extremely busy over this coming weekend." Cloete explained.



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