Western Cape Ramps Up Vaccine Rollout


The Western Cape has increased the number of vaccination sites in the province. This comes as the province aims to ramp up its vaccine rollout in preparation for the third wave. 

The most recent numbers recorded show that the Western Cape has over 3 000 active cases. The province is now taking action with a plan to vaccinate thousands of people before December. 

During the first week of the Western Cape's vaccine rollout, the province managed to reach a target of 10 000 vaccinations. A new target has now been set in an effort to speed up the process. 

"Our target for next week is 60 000 and we're trying to also exceed that target. The week after is when we hit the 120 000 [target] and the point that we're making here is that we are creating a dependable, reliable system that can sustain from now until the end of December." said Dr Keith Cloete, the Western Cape's Head of Health Department. 

While the province has set its targets and plans are in place to register and vaccinate more people, there are concerns about the registration numbers in poorer areas. 

Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde said the department is reaching out for help as it attempts to reach everyone in the province. 

"The continued rollout of the registration is really important. We are pushing now to get to the next stage of opening up for the 40 and 50 year olds as quickly as we can. 

"We can see which communities are not able to register and that's where we're asking all political parties to play their part. We've had extensive meetings with businesses, they are playing their part, we've zero-rated the hotspots across the province so that people can register and use the data system without actually using up their free allocation of 3 GB of data that citizens get in this province on our free Wi-Fi hostpots."

How To Access The Wi-Fi Hotspots

Visit to find a hotspot near you by inserting the name of your suburb. Once you have done this, select the 'search' button.

You will then be able to start the process of connecting to the public Wi-Fi hotspots:

  • Go to device settings on your Wi-Fi enabled device.
  • Switch on your Wi-Fi function
  • Search for Wi-Fi Networks and select 'WCG LiquidHotspot'
  • This will take you to the landing page, which will give you options to browse free sites.
  • You will then be able to access the internet, with 3GB free data per month.



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