Western Cape School Admissions Closing Soon



apply online displayed on computer screen

The Western Cape Education Department has urged parents to complete online applications before schools close. 

Applications close on 26 March 2021, and parents are encouraged to submit applications by midnight before the system closes.

Western Cape Education spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said 54 236 registered parents and caregivers have sent parents. 

A total of 180 080 applications have already been processed by the department. 

“So far, we have exceeded the number of applications received from the same time last year – with 83 704 more applications processed by day 12 of the online admissions process in comparison to 2020. We want to thank all parents who have applied already for doing so, and encourage other parents to now follow suit,” said Hammond in a statement.

Applications can be done online at or on paper for parents who do not have access to the internet. 

Watch this video to see how you can register on the website. Once you have registered, you can watch this tutorial on how to apply. 

“Parents must apply to at least three schools, including the ones closest to your home, and order their preference on the system,” said Hammond.

The following supporting documents are needed: 

  • Most recent official school report
  • ID, birth certificate, passport of the learner; or a study permit (foreign learners); or proof of application (study permit) or a police affidavit;
  • Immunisation card (This applies to primary schools Only)
  • Proof of residence

Parents will then be given 7 days to drop off the required supporting documents to schools. 

“Schools are able to capture applications of undocumented learners. Parents are advised to submit such applications directly to schools for capturing. The Western Cape Education Department has created two video tutorials to assist parents to navigate both the registration and application process online,” said Hammond.

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