What is ABET?


The term ABET refers to Adult Basic Education and Training and refers to education up to the equivalent of grade 9 (standard 7). ABET refers to both literacy and numeracy.

Many of today's workers get by with chronically low levels of literacy and numeracy which is a result of the failures of the education system when many of today's adults were at school.

Funding was very low at that time and turmoil in townships deprived many of the opportunity to attend school.

Many employers are unaware of the functional level of literacy and numeracy of their employees and school certificates don't always adequately reflect this, causing problems for employees and employers alike. Abet can be the answer for them.

After looking at the results of recent assessments, Sylvia Hammond from Burgeoning Skills comments that it is not unusual for functional numeracy to be two levels below the literacy level.

ABET is a national priority and a number of sources of funding for ABET training are currently available.

The business has to allow workers some time off for studying Abet but the benefits are enormous.

Apart from the gratitude that learners show to their employers for facilitating the learning, the improvement in productivity in the workplace soon drops down to the bottom line.

In a globalised economy local companies suddenly have to compete at international standards. That's hard to do if your workforce can't read and write to an acceptable level.

Ensuring that your workers are functionally literate and numerate is a positive step now available to all.

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