What are my career options in hospitality?

Do you enjoy serving people? There are a range of opportunities in hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism companies where you can apply your customer service skills and qualifications.

For the most part hospitality work can be grouped into three major categories known as food and beverage, accommodation and transport services. People who work in the hospitality sector will often have to cater to the daily needs of their clientele.

Serving people can be a challenging task especially when clients are fussy or demanding. To work in this sector requires excellent people skills, patience, creativity and problem solving abilities.
If you are thinking about entering the hospitality sector here are some career ideas you may not have considered.

Restaurant Manager
A restaurant can be an incredibly high pressured, fast-paced working environment and the restaurant manager should be able to oversee a range of departments. For example a restaurant manager is responsible for dealing with customers, supervising staff, promoting the business, overseeing budgets and much more. This job is ideal for people who like variety in their work day and are energized by new challenges.

The head or executive chef is the person responsible for the kitchen and the quality of the culinary dishes that are served. This job requires more than cooking experience as the head chef will have to organise and manage food processes and kitchen staff. The sous chef is second in command and also plays a supervisory role in the kitchen.

Sommelier (Wine Steward)
A sommelier is a specialist position which requires extensive training on the subject of serving wine. The chief task of the sommelier is to help customers select an appropriate wine to suit their budget and tastes. A sommelier is an expert at pairing wine with meals.

A concierge provides a specialised service to hotel guests. This service can include tasks like making dinner reservations or travel arrangements on behalf of patrons. A concierge must be knowledgeable and able to provide information about the surrounding area or local features. They may even run errands for guests if required. Their services are generally reserved for VIP's.

Tour guide
A tour guide is tasked with showing people around a specific area. Tour guides are needed in both urban areas and in natural spaces, such as safari's. Tour guides will be expected to have in-depth knowledge about the location that they are presenting. This knowledge can encompass historical details, cultural information or commentary on local life.

These are just a few of the career opportunities available to prospective students who have a passion for people and service.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing

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