What are the qualities of successful employees?

It is often said that attitude determines your level of success in life. Whether you are a student starting out in your career or an established professional there are certain characteristics that will set you apart from the crowd.

To succeed in your career requires the right combination of skills and personality traits.

Skills are developed through learning, which is usually obtained through academic training programmes.

On the contrary personality traits are linked to the way we approach life. These traits really come to the surface when we face challenges. While we are not always in a position to obtain certain skills, we do have the power to decide how we perceive and react to obstacles. This could make a huge difference to our job performance.

Here are five traits that are evident in successful professionals:

Perhaps the most important quality is perseverance. To persevere is to continue in a course of action when there is little or no indication of success. Learning to pick yourself up after failing could mean the difference between a nominal career and a flourishing one. Not everyone gets it right the first time, very often it is only those who try again that reach the next step.

As stories of white collar crime continue to surface, leaders need employees they can trust, people who are ethical. This means making the right decision or acting lawfully even in the midst of severe pressure to do the opposite.

Being disciplined or hard working is a trait that any employer will recognize and appreciate. Disciplined people are more likely to meet targets and deadlines. Training yourself to be disciplined from an early age will help you build this habit and benefit from it later on.

Remaining positive is essential. Enthusiastic people are always a welcome addition to any staff complement as they can boost moral and ease tension during tough times.

Are you motivated? Staying motivated is not always easy. Everybody gets tired, disappointed or frustrated from time to time. Having an internal drive to do your best in spite of these emotions will set you up for great career opportunities.

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing

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