What is a BCom degree?


Is a BCom the right study path for you? This abbreviation is often thrown about in Grade 12 classrooms but what does a BCom qualification mean?

A Bachelor of Commerce better known as a BCom is an undergraduate degree in business related fields, which is typically offered as a three year full time study programme.

This programme is primarily offered at university but some private colleges may offer this qualification in certain fields.

In order to enter the programme students must possess a National Senior Certificate and any additional academic requirements stipulated by their chosen higher learning institution. The minimum entrance requirements for most institutions is a bachelors pass or matric exemption.

The BCom consists of compulsory units, known as 'courses', which are recognized as the foundational concepts of business. These core units include subjects like economics, business management, accounting principles, financial management and information systems amongst others.

Students who enter a BCom programme will have to select a 'stream' or 'major' at some point during their studies. A major represents an area of specialisation. For example students who choose to major in financial management will study subjects that specifically relate to the financial field.

Subjects like banking or personal finance are likely to form part of the financial management stream. Where as those who choose to specialise in marketing will be expected to do subjects like brand management and public relations etc.

It is essential that prospective BCom students learn about the different streams before they embark on this journey. A stream is designed to narrow the employment options and better prepare students for a limited selection of job opportunities.

BCom graduates can become accountants, auditors, information system officers, marketing managers or customer relationship officers to name a few professions.

This degree equips students for work in both the public and private sector. It is also a good starting point for those who want to become entrepreneurs or potential business owners, as it teaches students the basics of business management.

A BCom degree can position graduates for a range of job opportunities but students should explore those opportunities before deciding to commit to this study path.

The course can be demanding and many first year students find it difficult to adapt to the fast pace or grasp new business concepts, but those who stick will have a wide variety of jobs to choose from.

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