What can soft skills do for you?

It is said that hard skills will get you the interview but soft skills will get you the job.

Whether you believe it or not soft skills are critical to your success in the business world.

According to Intelligo Solutions, an independent skills development provider, “soft skills complement hard skills”.

Hard or technical skills are competencies needed to perform a job but soft skills help you to excel in your position.

In the video 'What are soft skills' we see the value that soft skills bring to both the individual and the team.

Building positive relationships

Soft skills refer to “various behaviours that help people work and socialize well with others.”

Even the most highly skilled professional will struggle to do their job if they lack the ability to interact positively with people.

Soft skills like communication, team work, negotiation and listening makes it possible to perform your role well, whatever that may be.

“Taking the time to learn soft skills can lead to a more efficient, more harmonious and more productive workplace.”

A benefit to all

Soft skills not only enhances your individual performance but impacts the organisation's performance.

“A person's soft skill EQ is an important part of their individual contribution to the success of an organization.”

This is especially true if the organisation is based in the customer service industry.

Improve your skills

“Like all skills soft skills can be learned”. Are you a poor listener? Do you find it difficult to get your point across? You can improve your ability in these areas through the right training courses.

Intelligo Solutions offers three short courses in communication, management and sales skills. Join a course and change the way you work.

Or watch this video for more insights