What do you want President Zuma to say in his speech?


President Zuma returns from a week of recuperation to present the State of the
Nation address to parliament.

In a year where there is a general election there are two State of the Nation
speeches - one in February and one after the election.

This particular speech happens the day after youth day. Do you think that youth
have enough to be happy about at the moment? With such high levels of
unemployment and limited opportunities to study for a qualification, the outlook for
many young people isn't good.

The State of the Nation speech will be broadcast on Tuesday evening from 7pm
on national TV and is also available via the internet.

There are mixed signals for the President before the speech. The ANC was
reelected to another term in government, but more recently the international ratings
agencies are not optimistic about the country's future.

What do you want to hear the president highlight in his speech? What do you
think is the true state of our nation?

Should he be saying something about improving education in the country? What
about the ongoing problems with Eskom and load shedding? And how will he get the
country's economy growing again?

We'd like to hear what you think. Please post your comments below.