What does 2018 hold in-store for soft skills training?

One thing remains core: employee development and learning is something that will never change and needs to be a continuous focus on organizations. The purpose of this article is so that organizations can prepare for 2018. Faced with trendy fancy-shmancy wording like gamification, micro-learning, e-learning etc.

We focus on 3 trends we predict for 2018. The trends that we predict are not only based on research done through articles, but also through feedback we receive during our development sessions as well as a series of networking opportunities with high-end HR Managers and Training Development people.

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed. Although individuals are quick to adapt and learn new technologies, organizations are moving at a slower pace and are sometimes out of sync with their employees, needs, and requirements. During the year 2018, there will be a definite strong focus on this gap, where HR and training specialist should help leaders and organizations adapt positively to the changes technology brings and how to communicate these changes effectively, through giving them the soft skills to manage change also down to their teams.

Exchanging office space for working remotely. Working remotely will indeed keep increasing during 2018. But don’t be fooled. Although training opportunities will become an increased challenge in respect of getting everyone together under one roof to offer the training, the need for training on subjects like time and stress management, report writing, negotiation and sales skills training etc. will not decrease. In actual fact, employees who work remotely will still be part of a team working towards common goals. HR department and companies will have to schedule times and venues throughout the year to truly make an effort to constantly develop these remote employees who do not share the office dynamics or who are not exposed to the experience that team members’ offer on-site. So although it’s difficult to get everyone’s diaries in sync, it is very much needed.

Upskilling generations. Because everything is becoming more technologically advanced, people lack some skills and while generations who enter the workforce are usually tech-savvy, there will be a huge gap in other aspects of their soft skill development. Technology should never replace human relationships. Certain skills are not taught by technology but can only be learned from others’ mistakes and advice. Through skill, others have mastered. Leadership development will be a big focus area in upskilling the generations who will lead companies in the future. These skills cannot be taught by technology.

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