What is an effective manager?


Whether you have been promoted within the organisation or have walked
into an entirely new management position, making a good first impression is
always challenging. Lizanne de Jong talks about how to establish yourself as a
credible and fair manager from the word go.

Conveying a good first impression is all about confidence says de Jong. But
how do you present an air of self assurance when you don't quite feel it yet?
The phrase "fake it till you make it" comes to mind, but displaying a confident
attitude has nothing to do with pretence.

Neither can managers manipulate employee perceptions by enforcing respect
through a new title or designation.

HR specialist Lizanne de Jong says "managing others effectively starts with
knowing and managing yourself".She helps new managers work through this
process of self-discovery during the People Management Skills for New
Managers training course hosted by Alusani Skills and Training Network®.

"Define your skills, your strengths and expertise". Most managers are
promoted because of their technical knowledge, says de Jong. Knowing yourself
and understanding the value that you bring to the position will build your
confidence and help you address your team with a self-assurance that is not
pushy or overbearing.

Secondly, establishing your authority and developing your credibility are two
elements of successful people management that are closely linked, according to

Authority is achieved through setting the appropriate boundaries. That
means not always making the "popular "decisions. Ask yourself, "What do I
allow? Or "am I treating all my employees the same?"The level of ethical
behaviour you display will determine the type of authority you command.

Credibility is produced through consistent and congruent practices. Don't
make promises you can?t keep. For example, promising to increase salaries if you
are unable to deliver will ruin your reputation as a trusted leader. Accountability
and responsibility are the cornerstones of credible management. Don't blame
your team for poor performance, take the heat and see what you can do to
change the results.

"Stay motivated and energised by reviewing your vision and taking steps to
achieve your personal career goals through your new position."

Are you a new manager? The People Management Skills for New Managers training course, hosted by Alusani Skills and Training Network® provides a roadmap for new managers as it identifies and builds on your current strengths and capabilities.

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