What to expect for your government job interview

If you are applying for a research position at one of the many Western Cape health jobs, then you might be asked to analyse data and make recommendations. For an ombudsman, it could be writing responses to complaint letters. The options are as varied as the jobs in the government sector, and this exercise is not meant to make you feel inadequate or uncomfortable. It allows hiring managers to ascertain your skills and decide whether or not you will be able to perform up to standards.

They will do research on you
Government jobs in the Western Cape have applicant processes just like any other job, one of which involves the hiring manager researching you on social media platforms and your online presence in general.  

It will be highly detrimental if your new potential employer is scrolling through your Facebook timeline and sees something embarrassing, such as old university party photographs or an offensive article or picture that you shared. They will certainly mention this in the interview, so before you even send out your CV and application,you will need to clean up your social media and make sure it is acceptable for potential employers to see.

It might take longer to hear back
Government employees are always busy, which means that you might have to wait longer to hear back from them regarding your application. You might not hear back at all, which means that you have not been successful in your interview.

The reason why it might take a long time to hear back is that , even if the hiring manager needs to fill a role urgently, internal processes and approvals can slow things down. It might take up to two or three weeks for the hiring process to be completed, even if everyone knows that you are the best candidate for the job. In your interview, it might be a good idea to ask the hiring manager when you can expect communication from them regarding the position.

Always be prepared
A government job interview is like any interview: it is better to be prepared ahead of time. You will need to research the company and the people who will be interviewing you as well as making sure that your social media is up to scratch. You might be asked for both a one-on-one interview and a panel interview if the hiring manager needs more input into your fit for the role, so be sure to practice interview questions too.