What Kind Of Engineer Are You?


The engineering sector is a wide and varied field, giving potential engineers many career options. There are multiple different types of engineers, from electrical and computer to marine and aerospace. The vast range of career options within the engineering field means that there is an area of specialisation that allows prospective engineers to choose an area that interests them. 



There is a lengthy list of the different types of engineering jobs, so picking one that interests you the most may be a bit tricky. Do choose the right engineering path for you, it's best to figure out what you enjoy, what interests you and what you think you'd be best at. 

Does the idea of building bridges interest you? Or would you rather design new electrical gadgets? Learn more about the different engineering fields before you make your decision.

There are four main fields of study:

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are responsible for taking ideas into the marketplace. These professionals are able to move designs through the manufacturing process and are skilled at design and product analysis. Mechanical engineers design a variety of different products, from car engines and printers to aeroplanes and fridges. 

This type of engineering involves the entire process, from the design phase to the building phase and finally to the completion of the product. 

Electrical Engineering

As the name suggests these engineers specialise in electrical equipment. Their main function is to design and develop new devices and solve related problems. They can work on anything from household appliances to large scale electrical systems. Electrical engineers are able to work in a range of industries as they work with any device or item that transmits energy. 

Civil Engineering

If building things excites you perhaps you should consider a career in civil engineering. These engineers are able to oversee the construction of projects and systems. This includes roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges and more. Civil engineers work in both an office and on the sites where these building projects are taking place. 

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers focus on manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, business services and biotechnology among others areas. Chemical engineers use their knowledge and skills to turn raw materials into usable products. They also develop solutions to environmental problems. Chemical engineering is one of the most dangerous types of engineering, but the highest paying. 

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