What makes a tech trailblazer?

The ability to develop and launch easy to use technology that enables processes is the basis behind innovation in today’s market.

However, it takes much more than a novel idea and solid technology to become a trailblazer in the industry.

This is the view of James McKerrell, CEO of CRS Technologies, a services and solutions provider targeting the areas of Human Resources and Human Capital Management.

McKerrell says in relation to HR and HCM, innovative technology is directly linked to the creation of manual processes. These processes are leveraged by people to become more productive, add more value to businesses and contribute more meaningfully towards strategic initiatives.

The level of competition that exists in most industries and sectors today means that businesses have to be strategic in their use of technology and consistently innovate.

“It is important for businesses to allow employees to share ideas and be creative – with a clear understanding that not every idea can or will be used or acted upon,” McKerrell says.

An innovative company is one that is setting the trend, these are the trailblazers of industry. They define their landscapes and set the benchmark…so, they establish leadership positions because they have done something, released something or introduced something that is fresh, new and exciting.

Most bosses would agree that to foster an environment that encourages innovation and nurtures skills is far easier said than done. It takes a great deal of effort and work, dedicated resources and dogged determination to help establish an environment that is open to ideas and opinion - but there is no doubt about the advantage.

“And because innovation remains a hot topic of discussion, most people have their own definition of the term. If one goes by some of the research that is available, certainly that which applies to the HCM and HR fields, then innovation has a great deal to do with approach.

It involves ideas (sometimes the most out-of-the-box thinking), an attitude of seeking to question convention, to go against the grain and try something different… and be prepared to take the risk and build on possible failure.”


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