What Is The Minimum Wage In South Africa In 2022?

Currently, the minimum wage for domestic workers are R19.09 per hour, approximately R152.72 per day, R763.60 per week and R3308.68 per month. These are for an employee who works for 8 hours per day and 5 days per week.

During the month of March 2021, Minister Nxesi introduced the current minimum wage adjustment for South Africa, taking the total to R21.69 for each ordinary hour worked.

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) Act stipulates that the National Minimum Wage Commission should annually assess and review the minimum wage.

If the new proposed minimum wage increase for domestic workers is approved by The Department of Employment and Labour, this will mean an increase of 21% in the minimum wage.

Domestic worker will then in 2022, earn R23.09 per hour, approximately R184.72 per day, R923.60 per week and R4001.96 per month. These new amounts are not official as of yet.

To date, the proposed National Minimum Wage for 2022 has not been officially gazetted.

For more on the National Minimum Wage for South Africa 2022, read full statement here.



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