What is our social responsibility?

Are we doing enough to care for and transform our nation? There is a growing awareness around the issue of social responsibility, particularly in the business arena.

More people are realizing that the support of the collective is needed to resolve the country's most pressing economic and social issues.

"Social responsibility would be the obligation one has to act in the best interests of your immediate surroundings or community," says Cassandra Julius, Marketing Executive at Omni HR Consulting.

Julius points out that anyone can make a positive contribution to society at any time.

"We no longer can wait or look to each other but much rather individually take up the mantle in our own sphere of influence to assist and support our most vulnerable."

The business of social welfare

While the onus is on each individual to take responsibility for their personal footprint, there is an even greater expectation on companies to promote social welfare.

Julius explains that companies are obliged to "operate ethically". In fact, the term Corporate Social Responsibility highlights the obligation businesses have, not only to their stakeholders but towards society at large.

Making an impact

The good news is that businesses are often strategically positioned to drive positive change and make a lasting impact. They can do this by:

  • taking an active interest in their surroundings
  • understanding the needs of the community in which they operate
  • promoting social responsibility in the organisation
  • engaging with organisational members on the ground
  • getting involved in drives and causes which can help improve the lives or living conditions of those within the community
  • partnering with non-profits whose corporate mission is to make a significant impact within communities

"We need to join hands as the power of change is in the collective!", says Julius.

How does Omni practice social responsibility?

"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategic business function and forms part of OMNI’s transformation agenda. The “heart” of our business is to make a difference in the communities which we serve. We are committed to the empowerment, development, upliftment and growth of our people. We uniquely define community as a composition of our employees, suppliers, customers and the local community.", comments Julius.

OMNI has undertaken to identify CSR Flagship projects annually. The theme for 2018 is, 'Vulnerable women and children'.  We aimed to create awareness and educational opportunities around Human Trafficking in both communities and schools throughout the Western Cape. Some of these initiatives can be viewed here