What is a risk and compliance manager?


Working as a risk and compliance manager requires a lot of expertise and thorough attention to detail. If you are currently considering pursuing this path, it is important to understand what the position requires as well as how a Risk Management course can help you with this career.

Responsibilities of a Risk and Compliance Manager

Firstly, you need to have a good understanding of what the responsibilities of a risk and compliance manager are. The person in this role must be able to work under immense pressure, as they are responsible for ensuring that guidelines are in place that accurately follow industry specific rules, as well as ensure that procedures are followed.

You would often be required to do reviews or audits to ensure that all points are covered, as well as conduct internal investigations when there may be compliance issues.

This role will dictate both employee and business safety, so it is important that work is done with a high level of accuracy. It is a position suited to someone who is highly organised and pays attention to every minor detail.

You would also need good written communication skills, as you will need to draft written policies and procedures that are easily understood. The risk and compliance manager would also be required to fill in appropriate compliance reports with regulatory bodies.

Management skills are essential as this role often comes with the task of training and overseeing staff that need to adhere to the policies that you put in place.

How to become a Risk and Compliance Manager

To prepare for this job, you could look at the Risk Management Course available at IQ Academy. This Business Short Course is run over a 24 month period and gives you a broad understanding of the needs required to progress in this industry.
Not only will you get a full understanding of the role in business strategy, but also how ethics impact on decision making and how to identify important business legislation, as well as how to analyse risk exposure and manage it.

This course will not only prepare you for this position, but also afford you the chance to work as a supervisor, manager, general business risk manager and legal risk officer, among many other positions.

If this is a position that interests you, be sure to talk to a consultant at IQ Academy to find out how this course could benefit your progress in this career.