What is a Skills Development Facilitator?

A skills development facilitator is responsible for the planning, implementation and reporting of training in an organisation, with Seta- related duties.

Who can be appointed as a SDF?

In larger organisations, a currently employed training or Human Resource (HR) manager may take up the role of an internal SDF. In smaller organisations there is often no dedicated training or HR professional fulfilling that role, and so a manager or company owner will assume the responsibility. The role can also be outsourced to a professional external SDF.

What are the functions of a SDF?

Functions of a SDF are:
Assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan which helps with the requirements of Seta.
Submit the WSP to the relevant Seta.
Advised the employer on the implementation of the WSP.
Assist the employer to draft an Annual Training Report (ATR) on the implementation of the WSP.
Advice the employer on the quality assurance requirement set by the Seta.
Act as a contact person between the employer and the Seta.
Serves as a resource with regards to all aspects of Skills Development.
Communicate Seta initiatives, grants and benefits to the employer.
Communicate with branch offices, and all employees in the main office, concerning events and grants being offered at the Seta.

What are the roles of an SDF?

The employer must provide the SDF with resources, facilities and training necessary to perform the functions set out above.

An SDF is a:

Facilitator: To facilitate the development of an employer’s skills development strategy.
Expect: to serve as an expect resource for accrediting the employer as a training provider and for the implementation of appropriate learnerships and skills programmes.
Administrator: to complete and submit the WSP and ATR.
Advisor: to advice the employers and employee on the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) on the implementation of the WSP.
Education and needs evaluation: to assess the skills development needs of the organisation.
Mediator: to serve as a contact person between the employer between the employer and the relevant Seta.

Skills Development Facilitators are an essential part on any organization, big or small.

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