What students can do after high school for a prosperous future

High school graduation means that you qualify for the next stage of your life. Find out how you can make effective decisions to delight in a fulfilling career.

Once you complete your high school education you are filled with relief and a sense of accomplishment. Ending your high school journey means that you have the freedom to begin the next phase of your life. As a high school graduate, the time has come to create your own future and make decisions that will prepare your path. This is when you are expected to become responsible for your destiny and be dedicated to making something of yourself.

Although this is a crucial time to make a choice about your future, the reality is that figuring out which path you should take doesn’t happen overnight. When you take time to discover where your passion lies and explore your abilities, you are more likely to make better decisions. Other ways of ensuring you make informed decisions are by attending career expos and acquiring more insight on the career you have interest in.
Here lies a chance to turn over a new leaf and discover who you could possibly become. With all the excitement and enthusiasm for a prosperous tomorrow, find out what it takes to become successful.

Keep busy and discover your Talents

As someone preparing for a prosperous future, you don’t have time to waste. Whether you have embarked on tertiary education or not, it is vital to keep on investing in your expertise and becoming better. You should be deliberate about giving yourself positive exposure that will empower you and teach you something.

You can do this through work experience, shadowing people in your field or volunteering to help out at organisations where you will learn something. You can also start attending events in the industry that you want to go into for better understanding and insights that will help you in future.

Take time to discover your Passion- Do what you Love

When you find certain things interesting and have a passion for them you should expose yourself to those experiences more often. When you do more of what you love you start gaining experience on what your passion would be like as a career.

Doing what you love will cultivate your skills in this area and help you become better. You can practice and read more about it, attend events or get in touch with people in that industry. This exposure will allow you to discover more about a possible career in that industry.

The Importance of Choosing an Industry

Usually we are taught to choose a course that will give us a prosperous job, however, this is a decision you need to take your time with. A crucial aspect of choosing careers is that high school graduates need to pick an industry and not just a course or a job. When you define the industry that you want to get into, you will discover the opportunities that it offers.

You also get to learn about other job roles in that industry and you might find that you would love working within a role that is fairly new to the market. By becoming focused on the industry you are able to visualise the opportunities that exist. When you have picked the industry and job role, it helps you plan your studies around the job.

Choosing a relevant Course

Once you have decided on which course would be relevant to equip you with the skills that you need, the next step is to register for this course. As someone who better understands what skills and competencies are needed for the job, you can do the relevant training. By studying an online course you have the power to refine your skillset and elevate your knowledge.

Preparing for a career in a chosen field of interest is essential to achieving success. According to ENCA, education statistics reveal that close to a million students were enrolled in 2015, which is higher than the ideal enrolment of 600 000. This reveals that more South Africans are starting to realise the value of education for a better life.

The education that you obtain adds value to your CV which allows you to have great career prospects.

How to prepare for Tertiary Education

When you have decided on the course that you would love to study, there are steps you can take to ensure you are successful in applying for it. If you are not prepared and don’t apply on time, you run the risk of not being accepted by the tertiary institution.

The first important tertiary entrance requirement is the Central Applications Office (CAO) form submission. The CAO form helps you access any education institution in South Africa. You will then have to get other registration documents ready such as your ID book or smartcard, proof of address, Grade 11 and Matric academic results. When you have these, the next step is to call or visit the tertiary institution to find out how much the registration fee is. You can then explore payment options and arrange for this to be paid so that your registration is successful.

How to choose a Tertiary Institution

When choosing a tertiary institution, your decision should not only be based on the popularity of the college. There are many factors to consider as this choice will impact the success of your academic experience and your career. The tertiary institution you choose should be recognised and offer accredited courses for valid qualifications.

The tertiary institution should also offer students an opportunity to acquire competitive skills that are vital in their industry. It is also beneficial when a college has lecturers who have qualifications and industry experience. The college should offer a great support structure for students that will help them to complete their studies and be successful.

Tertiary education is an investment in your future that allows you to profit in your career.

By Khanyie Dlamini