What is your ideal learning pathway?

Today there are four major learning methods that students can choose from to complete a qualification or develop their skills.

Intelligo Solutions delivers training in all four streams allowing individuals to choose the learning programe that best suits their needs.

The four pathways include classroom, distance, online and blended learning. Learn more about the benefits of each model before you make your choice.

Classroom learning

Classroom programs are training courses which are facilitated sessions by subject matter experts. In this learning model students are able to receive direct support from facilitators and fellow classmates.

Best suited to: Students who need guidance and a structured learning timetable.

Distance learning

This is also known as a paper based or self-study model. This refers to learning that happens away from a classroom or physical learning structure.

In this scenario learners will receive course material in a paper based format. Students in this category will typically study material alone and at their own pace.

Best suited to: Independent learners who want to manage their own study time.

Online learning

“Online learning is the completion of learning through an electronic of web-based learning platform either as interactive learning or distance learning.”

Students will receive course content via the internet and will be expected to complete assignments and assessments digitally.

Best suited to: Students who have internet access and prefer web-based learning.

Blended learning

“Blended learning is a combination of learning methods such as classroom facilitated training with an e-learning assessment process or elearning with formal paper based submissions.”

Best suited to: Students who want a mix of learning elements in their study programme.

Are you looking for a study programme that fits your lifestyle? Intelligo Solutions can help you find what you are looking for.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing