Who are you really hiring?


Carrying out background checks and verifying details on prospective employees CV?s is crucial according to Human capital management solutions provider Manpower South Africa.

"In the current economic climate where unemployment is high, employment application fraud is rampant. Job seekers are desperate and employers are being duped. Before hiring someone, training them and integrating them into your company, it is important to check their background and the facts on their CV,' explains Lyndy van den Barselaar, Managing Director of Manpower South Africa.

She explains that statistics on CV fraud in South Africa are hard to come by, as many companies do not check the credentials of prospective employees.

"Employees often lie about the number of years they held a certain position, or about academic achievements,' states van den Barselaar. She suggests that employers review CVs, covering letters and employment applications with a sceptical eye. "Do research on certain statements. Ask specific questions about statements made on the CV during the interview.' These could include: How the candidate achieved the results? How did the candidate measure certain stated accomplished improvements? What role did the candidate play in the team that rolled out the marketing strategy?

"Careful questioning should reveal differences between stated facts and reality. Look for suspicious behaviour such as vague answers to questions, or citing confidentiality for not being able to answer certain questions,' says van den Barselaar. Thanks to online resources such as Google, it becomes easier to check for certain details and to do research on job seekers. "This will allow you to ask the candidate about any discrepancies you found from the facts stated on their CV, during an interview.'

Recruitment agencies, labour brokers and human capital companies like Manpower can assist in this, says van den Barselaar, as they often check the background of each candidate before suggesting them for any possible jobs.

Every employer, particularly those who have employees who will have significant contact with the public, customers, patients, or children, should familiarise themselves with the particulars of prospective employees.

"The importance of background checking and credential validation cannot be ignored or underestimated, especially in this current economic environment. If a company does not have the time or the resources to carry out these kinds of checks, it is worth hiring an outsourced company or individual who will do it on behalf of the company. This will save you time, money and disappointment in the future,' concludes van den Barselaar.