Why it’s important to train your employees

Business owners need to stop seeing “employee training” as something unnecessary. Yes, you hire qualified people with the experience to let them get straight into it from day one, but even they shouldn’t be exempt from employee training. It’s not about teaching them how to do their job, it’s about teaching them how to be better at what they do and how to work in a way that will always benefit the business.

Having the training programme be company-focussed through customised learnerships, you won’t have to worry about irrelevant course content being bought or taught. There are so many benefits to investing in employee training and it’s all important for the growth of a business.


The more knowledge and skills your employees have, the more productive they can be at their jobs. There won’t be time wasted on questioning what is supposed to be done and how to do it, they’ll just get it done the first time.

And the more productive employees can be at one task, the sooner they’ll be able to get through the next task, and the next and the next… Productivity also opens up the opportunity for solution exploration and finding new and more effective ways of performing a task.

Boosts morale

Investing in your employees and showing that you care about enhancing their position in your company will boost their morale. Spending the time and money to make them even better at their jobs will give them confidence going forward. This confidence can lead to increased productivity, more sales, increased client acquisition and an overall performance boost in the office.

Through this, your employees will build loyalty towards your company and be more motivated to do their absolute best to help the company grow and prove to you that they were worth the training investment.

Recruit and retain

Having a training programme in place is also a way of retaining the employees you already have by offering them a learnership and growth opportunity. It will also help with the recruitment process (for the same reasons).

Potential employees will be more attracted to a job position that includes a training period because it gives them an opportunity, not only to learn something new, but to get comfortable and confident in the tasks they’re about to perform and the company they’re about to work for. It definitely makes the first day at the new job less daunting.