Why the learning never stops


By Ashleigh Cohen, Operations Manager at GIMT

The prevailing and somewhat ill-informed notion that today’s leadership consists of having a vision and aligning people with it is all but void. Indeed, to take it even one step further, leaders simply don’t have all the answers anymore.

Corporate executive teams have had to adapt, sharing information as well as realising the importance of learning from others. In fact, it has become very important that knowledge is cascaded throughout the organisation in order to create a competitive and adaptive environment.

A process of osmosis, if you will, should now be one of the key priorities when discussing business strategies, skills and overall competitive advantage.

Inter-organisational learning must become a reciprocal process that will ultimately enable companies to move from the Old to New Economy - setting the trends rather than trying to keep up with it.

When looking at top-level learning more closely the approach is undoubtedly twofold; you will still find that some CEOs turn to formal leading mediums from business schools such as GIMT to improve their skills and formalise their qualifications.

Others take on a more informal approach, learning from others and understanding their organisations more thoroughly - this all is driven by that need to enhance their overall skills.

Whichever way you look at it is key that you, as a leader, keep up with the pack - everybody else is learning, if you don’t you’ll soon start trailing. A true leader also instils knowledge in others and would gladly stand aside for those can lead more effectively.

Reciprocal learning and osmosis are two very important terms that need to enjoy attention now. No organisation can rely on only one individual to lead them in today’s economy - it must become a collective effort that is driven by the effective interchange of ideas and knowledge.

Furthermore, as a true leader you must continue to drive your organisation forward - don’t sit on your laurels - as Nike quite aptly puts it: "there is no finish line. Society keeps on developing and so should your organisation.