Why new managers resist their role

A promotion to a management position is something to be celebrated yet many first time managers are often reluctant to step into this new role. Here are some of the reasons why.

According to HR specialist Lizanne De Jong becoming a new manager is the “most difficult transition in the leadership pipeline”.

De Jong highlights three factors that could prevent promising new mangers from embracing their promotion wholeheartedly.

Current success

New managers are generally promoted because of their current performance. Once an individual demonstrates a level of competence they are “considered ready for promotion to a first-line manager”.

However new managers may not want to leave the position that brought them recognition, for fear of not attaining the same degree of acclaim.

“The person often feels reluctant to let go of activities that made them successful” says De Jong.

Lack of skills

The skills required to manage personal performance are vastly different from those needed to manage others.

Even the most driven and ambitious employee will lack some basic management skills in the beginning such as motivating, coaching and measuring performance.

Star performers may find it difficult to become a novice again in order to develop new skills.

Internal resistance

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is moving from the position of colleague to supervisor.

Regardless of how well respected the new manager is, he or she is likely to face some resistance from peers and other members of the organisation.

“Others are not willing to let the person make the change...”

This can be demotivating to a new manager who is already struggling with their own insecurities and fears.

Are you thinking of promoting a promising employee? Make sure that you prepare them for their new responsibilities and ensure their success.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing