Why your staff need business etiquette training


Etiquette is something we must all deal with in the business world, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

We use our etiquette skills to some degree or other every time we talk to another staff member, interact with customers, or talk on the phone.

Business Etiquette training, however, is more often than not reserved only for top management who frequently jet off to other countries and host business lunches etc., with little or no thought spared for the average worker in the office or on the salesfloor.

So what exactly are the benefits of Business Etiquette training for the average employee?

? Adhering to the principles of good business etiquette is the first step to giving a good first impression.

? An understanding of business etiquette helps facilitate cross-cultural communication between employees and customers and amongst employees themselves.

? Different styles of communication are considered, taboo topics avoided, preferred speaking distance taken into account and appropriate dress and attire worn.

? The importance of time is understood with regard to cultural differences.

? The difference between employee-customer etiquette and employee-employee etiquette is understood.

? Employees who understand business etiquette are often more productive as they are able to collaborate with a diverse group of people, and interact with them well.

A good understanding of Business Etiquette helps foster an environment where good communication and mutual respect is the norm, leading to a more motivated and productive workforce.

Staff Training is presenting a 2-day Business Etiquette training workshop in Johannesburg on the 23rd and 24th of August, contact [email protected]for more information or call (021) 839 3021