Will I make it as a freelancer?

Is freelancing for you? Here are some things you should know about being self-employed.

The idea of freelancing can seem ideal, you imagine getting up when you want to, scheduling work in your own time and working for people you like.

However the reality is often very different.

In the video 'Who should become a freelancer' author Roberto Blake shares his tips on what it takes to make it in this industry.

If you have skills and experience and are a looking for a new challenge the concept of freelancing may have entered your mind.

That's not surprising as freelancing is becoming a popular career choice for professionals. People are looking for employment options that meet their lifestyle and see freelancing as a way to achieve this desire.

But before you rush in consider these words of advice.

No discipline, no success

According to Blake “...becoming a freelancer means you are going to need a tremendous amount of self-discipline.” A freelancer must be able to develop a consistent schedule and pay attention to details.

“If you are someone who is easily distracted this could be a very challenging career for you.”

Start small

If you have a day job it might be a good idea to start freelancing part time or after hours. This is especially advisable if you have a family or you are not “financially stable”.

Working part-time will give you time to build your client base and decide if this is the avenue for you.

Spend before you earn

Bear in mind that “freelancing also requires a significant investment on your part in terms of resources”.

Are you financially prepared to buy tools, repair equipment or hire consultants? These are good questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge.

Learn to sell yourself?

If you are skilled at marketing yourself online through SEO and social media you don't necessarily need to be an aggressive sales person.

However if you are naturally very introverted you might find it difficult to sell your services and acquire new clientèle.

“Your talent is not the variable of your success.” The way you market your skills has a huge influence on whether you succeed as a freelancer.

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