Will schools reopen in 2020?


During his national address on the 12th of July, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a variety of changes to COVID-19 State of Disaster & Lockdown Regulations - one of which was the matter surrounding the use of a protective face mask while in a public space.

This was discussed and a new set of rules was put in place effective immediately.

A ministerial directive gazetted on 7 July 2020 marked the 20 and 27th of July as well as the 17th and 31st of August for the phased reopening of all remaining grades and classes.

Grades and classes scheduled to resume teaching and learning on 20 July are:

  • Grades 3 and 10
  • school of skills year three
  • schools for learners with severe intellectual disabilities Grades R, 3 and all final/occupational year classes
  • schools for learners with severe and profound intellectual disabilities year three classes, and
  • the final year classes of schools for autistic learners.


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