The Winning Way of Workshops

The onset of COVID-19 has taught educators and faculty managers a great deal, one of which has become a real recent buzzword – “interactive”. The transfer of knowledge relating to the academic content of each course is well documented and accessible.

There is, however, the challenge of the development of the “soft skills” that are easier to cultivate in a contact situation. It is a well-known fact that many corporate companies lament the fact that these skills are very often lacking in employees and particularly graduates. These skills are critical in the workplace as they influence attitudes, approaches to challenges and of course team dynamics.

At MSC Business College, a fresh approach to skills development reveals how trainees are presented with a weekly online workshop that focuses on various themes and topics, including: “how to improve your memory”, “the correct way to reference”, “helpful wellness tips”, “academic writing mastery”, “time management techniques”, “how to manage a budget” and a whole lot more.

As a particular need arises within the student body or institution, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) detect at-risk factors and bring them to the attention of product managers to help ascertain (very quickly) how to empower trainees’ learning gaps.

Continuous consultation with corporate clients also provides insight into the requirements of businesses with regard to human capital qualities are required that add value to the workplace. These are then included in the pool of offerings geared to develop and enhance the performance of these young people as they are prepared for the world of work.

Each workshop is presented by an expert in that particular field. For instance, a psychologist or trained counsellor would address self-care tips
whilst an accountant or bookkeeper will handle the presentation on managing a budget. These workshops are available and accessible to trainees on a national basis and allow for multiple break-out rooms, interactive Q&A sessions, and a larger group to draw statistical inferences from. The benefit of online workshops gives both trainees, and the institution, the confidence of investment and value.

These trainees have the benefit of being more work ready and equipped to handle the requirements of the workplace than those not exposed to such workshops. Corporate clients are welcome to contact MSC Head Office if they are wishing it employ work ready graduates.



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