Women should look beyond traditional business ideas


Move away from conventional businesses, women told

Pietermaritzburg - The South African Local Government Association (Salga) CEO Makhosi Khoza has urged women here to pursue other fields of business in their quest for economic emancipation.

Speaking at a conference on Women in Economy, Ms Khoza said there were other opportunities that could be explored aside from the cleaning industry.

"It has become a norm that when a woman wants to do business with government it has to do with catering and cleaning because this is considered conventional," she said.

She added there was a need for change in tradition and this would be reflected in women pursuing other fields of operation.

"When women engage in such businesses it's because our culture and tradition informs us that this is our position and we should live by them; this ought to change."

The two-day conference was aimed at empowering women through showing them different areas of economic practices and how to get there.

Aside from prominent speakers from both the private and public sector, there is also a platform for women to share their experiences.

Ms Khoza hailed the initiative by Mayor Bongi Sithole-Mlaba to host the conference, saying that it set the district apart from others in the country.

"This is the only part in the country where a conference of this nature has taken place and it adds value to our efforts of ensuring empowerment of women in the country."

She said the commitment to this empowerment was reflected by the presence of women in senior positions at local government within the district.

According to Ms Sithole-Mlaba, there was a need for women to be incorporated into the mainstream economy and they sometimes had difficulty in accessing the necessary information.

She expressed her optimism that the conference would serve as starting point in ensuring that more information was made available to women who needed to start and expand their businesses in the district.

By Sibusiso Mboto - BuaNews