Women's month: How to be an influencer

Follow your dreams - trade prestige for opportunity

Chasing your dreams will help you to stay focussed and have no regrets. For so long as you remain an employee, you can't chase money and/or prestige, this is just a distraction because its beyond your control. You must chase opportunities for growth and self-fulfilment. When you want money, you need to move on to an environment where you control your time, risks and rewards.
Keep playing outside (like me you might end up spending a few years of your life living in the most expensive city in the world where you can't afford to have a garden).
Hold on to your sense of wonder and allow yourself time to travel. It will open your horizons, give you a sophisticated understanding of the world and of yourself that you wouldn’t otherwise have had.
Be comfortable being alone and doing things alone. You are a very interesting person with exciting opportunities and stories to reflect on, give yourself time to discover the things that inspire you.

Life is short, but it is also long: Never take for granted the people around you

We are part of all those that we have met, so always try to learn a lesson from every person that you come across. This perspective makes you a better learner in life. Lean on your pillars (formal and informal mentors) a lot more because there are more people on your team than you think.
Don’t take your parents for granted, tell them you love them as often as you can.
Don’t be too proud to say sorry and stay humble – especially to your friends.
Remember the 35 cents rule: Don’t be afraid to cut people off that add no value to your life. It only costs 35 cents to send a text message (nowadays even cheaper with data bundles) so if people can’t be bothered to text you back or text you at all, move on.

Be an influencer, don’t be neutral or be on the side-lines

Always be a positive influencer and speak out against all forms of racial and gender discrimination, mistreatment and victimisation, or any unfair discrimination.
Constructively criticise growth bottlenecks and be a champion of change and growth.
Most importantly, don’t forget the five second rule: It only takes five seconds for you to decide how your day is going to be and you are the only one that can decide how every day turns out for yourself. So, choose happiness, love, laughter and success every day.